At long last, a Solo teaser!

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It's seeemed a little strange to me how little we've seen of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY considering the movie is coming out in May.  Even during the Super Bowl last night, instead of a real teaser, we got a teaser that the real teaser would be coming out the next day.  That is some INCEPTION-level logic there. 

So here it is at least, a 2-minute SOLO teaser!  Alden Ehrenreich sounds exactly like Han Solo, it's a bit uncanny actually.  The trailer is decent, but I still don't know how I feel about a HAN SOLO movie that doesn't star Harrison Ford.  He is just so iconic in that role.  I already have a pretty packed slate of summer movies that I want to see more than this.   On top of all that, there were lots of stories than came out about the problems during filming this movie, including having to get rid of the director and bringing in Ron Howard to finish the job.  

But, Disney has been doing a great job with STAR WARS so far (and yes, I know there are plenty of people who feel otherwise) so I do think SOLO could be a nice surprise.  Enjoy the teaser!