Devil's Advocate: Lucifer Episode 314, "My Brother's Keeper"

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Lucifer 314, "My Brother's Keeper"

With Cain (TOM WELLING) now openly interacting with Lucifer (TOM ELLIS), it was only natural that the phrase "My Brother's Keeper" get used as an episode title. And since Lucifer's travails always must mirror somehow those going on with his associates in the LAPD, we should expect sibling issues with someone else.

In this case, the issues are with Ella Lopez (AIMEE GARCIA), whose brother has gone missing. He's a diamond authenticator, and it appears he's involved in some shady deal with a smuggler, thief or some-such. Ella is so concerned over his disappearance that she immediately hires Mazikeen (LESLEY-ANN BRANDT) to bounty-hunt him. What they find is the dead body of the diamond dealer, and it appears Ella's big brother is Suspect Numero Uno.

Meanwhile, Lucifer keeps up with his promise to help Cain shed his immortality and die. He assumes there might be a clue in the mark on Cain's arm, but cannot decipher anything from it. But he knows someone who probably could: his brother, Amenadiel (DB Woodside). But it turns out that not only is Amenadiel not accommodating, he's also the angel who placed the mark there in the first place. When Cain learns this, he meets Amenadiel at Lux and a huge brawl breaks out between a mortal angel and an immortal human.

On the outskirts of all of this, Charlotte Richards (TRICIA HELFER) is still trying to deal with her memories of being in Hell, and takes Lucifer's advice to seek therapy from Dr. Linda Martin (RACHAEL HARRIS). This is almost impossible for Linda, since Charlotte -- while possessed by the force of Lucifer's mother -- tried to kill her.

As the investigation into the diamond dealer's death nears a conclusion, it appears that Ella's brother isn't the paragon of virtue she has always held him to be, particularly when she forensically catches him in a lie about his witnessing the killing. And when his actual role comes to the fore, Lucifer confronts him with a threat to be consistently watching him so that he doesn't break Ella's faith.

The episode carries the Cain story a little further, but overall this one is all about Ella and her family relationships, contrasted against Chloe's life as an only child and Mazikeen's "thousands and thousands" of brothers and sisters who torture each other.

4.0 / 5.0