Al Ewing and Joe Bennett's The Immortal Hulk added to Marvel Fresh Start

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Bruce Banner is returning as Marvel’s Hulk for the company’s fresh start, but this time he’s not just incredible, he’s immortal.

The Immortal Hulk will launch in May from writer Al Ewing (Avengers: No Surrender) and artist Joe Bennett. The series follows up on Hulk’s heavily teased return in the pages of Avengers: No Surrender.

“Okay – to begin with, the title character is Bruce Banner, and Bruce Banner is the Immortal Hulk, the World’s Mightiest Mortal, the Green Goliath, the Strongest One There Is, et cetera, et cetera,” Ewing tells Comic Book Resources. “A lot of people have been a little wary that we’re actually bringing him back for keeps this time, so I figure this is as good a place as any to confirm that yes, this is Banner, he’s back, he’s got an ongoing solo series and he’s not going to die again any time soon. In fact, that’s kind of the point.

“To answer another question that’s going to be right at the top of people’s minds – yes, this is spinning out of No Surrender, and obviously we hope you’re reading that. However, you absolutely do not need to have read No Surrender – or any other comic ever published by Marvel or anyone else – to enjoy Immortal Hulk. We take care of all the hows and whys and wherefores of Hulk’s various resurrections in No Surrender Episode 10, which I believe is Avengers #684 – that has a special additional 10-page prologue story by me and Joe where will deal with all of that. And then we’re free to go into Immortal Hulk with all those questions answered and without any baggage. That was very important to me – to be able to make that promise, from me to you, that you do not need to read a single other comic to enjoy Immortal Hulk #1. Retailers – there’s nothing else your customers will need. Readers – I welcome you with open arms. We want every Hulk fan, old and new, to experience this.”


The Immortal Hulk #1 goes on sale in May.


Commentary: I had just read the May Previews yesterday and this wasn't listed, so I guess this will be solicited seperately.  Kind of odd, but not the first time I've seen this happen.   Al Ewing has been great on books like ROCKET and USAVENGERS, so I am pretty excited to see him taking over Hulk.  And that Alex Ross cover looks amazing. 

I don't know how I feel about Bruce Banner coming back.  I have always wanted comics to evolve and change more, but Marvel seems to refuse to leave any character gone for good. I do hope that we still get to see more of Amadeus Cho and Jennifer Walters as Hulks still.  I can't help but worry that Fresh Start is going to be a big reset to status quo without all the great new characters we've gotten in recent years.

When I heard the title I immediately thought of "the Immortal Hulk Hogan!"  I guess it is fair game that Marvel stole Hulkster's adjective since he got the name from The Hulk in the first place.  Whacha going to do, Marvel Universe, when the Immortan Hulk runs wild over you!