Disney's Lady and the Tramp Still One of the Best Romantic Movies

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Lady and the Tramp

She's cultured. He's coarse.

She's pedigreed. He's lowly.

She's refined. He's ruff...er...rough around the edges.

Naturally, they're made for each other!

It's almost unfathomable to think there's anyone over five years of age who hasn't seen Walt Disney's LADY AND THE TRAMP by now. However, it's good to occasionally be reminded of just how good a film it is for young and old alike, a tale of how love bridges class boundaries, and can cause anyone to rethink their entrenched philosophies for the happiness of another.

Lady (BARBARA LUDDY) is a Cocker Spaniel who lives with Jim Dear and Darling. When her owners have a baby, and they later leave it in the care of huffy Aunt Sara (Disney veteran VERNA FELTON), her life gets turned upside down, and she finds herself unjustly muzzled. Along comes Tramp (LARRY ROBERTS) who "rescues" her and helps her see his vision of freedom for dogs -- a freedom that finds Lady doing time in the dog pound! Now Tramp has to help Lady leave the pound and find her way back to Jim Dear and Darling -- but will he stick around and let himself be domesticated for the sake of the girl?

The film is immortalized for several of it's iconic musical numbers, including Bella Notte, The Siamese Cat Song, and He's a Tramp, as well as many others, almost all of which are performed by the inimitable PEGGY LEE, who also voiced the Siamese cats Si and Am, Darling, and (naturally) Peg the dog.

This Signature Collection Blu-ray includes singalong versions of the songs, as well as a musical number, Tramp's Song, which was cut from the original film. There are deleted scenes, original theatrical trailers, a 12-minute recreation of a scene via storyboards using original artwork discovered in the Disney archives, and an hour-long making-of documentary. You will also find additional featurettes about dogs in general, how storyboards are used, and the apartment Walt Disney kept at Disneyland.

LADY AND THE TRAMP is the perfect date movie, and one of the most romantic films of all time. If you don't already have it in your collection, it's already past time to add it, and this version will bring it to you in magnficent visual and audio clarity.

5.0 / 5.0