Devil's Advocate: Lucifer Episode 317, "Let Pinhead Sing"

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Lucifer 317 Let Pinhead Sing

After his actions to help Cain (aka Lt. Marcus Pierce, played by TOM WELLING) led directly to putting Detective Chloe Decker (LAUREN GERMAN) into harm's way, Lucifer (TOM ELLIS) has decided to dissolve his partnership with Cain and stop trying to find a way to remove the curse his father put on him. In fact, he decides to do his best to remove Chloe from his spotlight entirely, in an attempt to fool God about how much she means to him so that He won't try to take her away.

So as Lucifer starts befriending total strangers and throwing surprise parties for random LAPD members, he also must work with Chloe on a murder case that happened at a live stadium show. At a concert for pop star Axara (SKYE TOWNSEND), a dancer standing in for the main star was shot with a pyrotechnic. The obvious conclusion is that the killer was targeting the star and was unaware of the last minute switch. When a confession is found next to an apparent suicide, it seems the case gets wrapped quickly, until another attempt is made on the diva, this time endangering Detective Decker once again.

Hiding Axara at Lux allows us to see a little of Lucifer we haven't seen before -- one who actually turns down a sexual encounter with an attractive person. It also gives us the opportunity to hear more of Ellis's singing voice, as he performs a duet of I Will Survive with his reluctant guest when she makes her way into the bar area and avails herself to Lucifer's piano.

As all this plays out, Charlotte (TRICIA HELFER) tries to play conflict mediator between LInda (RACHAEL HARRIS) and Mazikeen (LESLEY-ANN BRANDT), while Dan Espinoza (KEVIN ALEJANDRO), at the urging of Ella Lopez (AIMEE GARCIA), tries to cheer up Lt. Pierce (and let's home this is a scene of Welling actually trying to sing badly rather than his actual vocals). Ultimately with Pierce, it takes Amenadiel (DB WOODSIDE) to deliver a lesson in faith that uses Lucifer's moment of self-sacrifice for Chloe to show Cain the way.

Unfortunately for Lucifer, Cain now knows what he wants in life: Chloe.

Lucifer may just come up with a way to kill Cain yet...

4.0 / 5.0