Knight Moves: Gotham Episode 418, "That's Entertainment"

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Gotham That's Entertainment

We hit two major milestones in GOTHAM last night, as Jerome (CAMERON MONAGHAN) puts together his biggest attack on the city ever.

With the mayor, police commissioner and other Gotham notables captured and wearing dynamite necklaces, the leader of the Arkham maniacs holds a street concert hostage while demanding that his last two empty seats be filled with the final two people who have upset his plans in the past -- his twin brother, Jeremiah, and Bruce Wayne (DAVID MAZOUZ). Meanwhile, Jerome's partners Mr. Freeze (NATHAN DARROW) and Scarecrow (DAVID W. THOMPSON) prepare the real attack -- a zeppelin loaded down with Jerome's lethal laughing gas. On board, a hypnotized pilot, courtesy of the Mad Hatter (BENEDICT SAMUEL), and a panicked Penguin (ROBIN LORD TAYLOR) who has been tied up after betraying Jerome to the police.

Gordon (BEN MCKENZIE) and Lucius Fox (CHRIS CHALK) approach Bruce to surrender to Jerome, but only because he'll be wearing a device that interferes with Jerome's remote trigger device, preventing him from killing any more hostages. It just happens to be Bruce's birthday, and Alfred has gifted him with a specially engineered vehicle -- matte black, hard to see, and completely bulletproof. Yes, this does seem to be the prototype Batmobile! There's milestone number one!

With Bruce on board, they go to convince Jeremiah Valeska to also submit, which he does reluctantly. In his lab, Bruce sees Jeremiah working on a miniaturized power supply, which we assume will either become the motor for the Batmobile, or perhaps the power supply to the Batcave later on.

Gordon's plan works, despite barriers, and Jerome is ultimately defeated -- while at the same time, we are introduced to the Joker at last! You'll have to watch to see how that plays out!

In the side-plot that nobody cares about, Barbara (ERIN RICHARDS) continues to explore what it means to be the heir to Ras Al Ghul (in more ways than one!), which involves ridding herself of Tabitha (JESSICA LUCAS). But it appears that Ras Al Ghul is not as ready to be replaced as we originally thought.

With all the pieces in place, and with the season subtitled "A Dark Knight," are we thinking we might see some sort of cape-and-cowl on Bruce before the season closes? Fingers crossed!

5.0 / 5.0