Suspenseful, Frustrating Sixth Season of Arrow Debuts on Blu-ray

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Arrow Season 6

The biggest problem with CW's series, ARROW, is that it has to keep ratcheting up the action to top its previous season. The natural end result was that the writers have painted themselves into quite a corner with the way the sixth season has wrapped up. The good part of that, however, is that we get the fun of watching them try to write their way out of it.

This season sees Green Arrow, aka Oliver Queen (STEPHEN AMELL), take on several different challenges, not the least of which comes from a federal agent, who is convinced that Oliver is the Green Arrow and is looking to put him behind bars for his vigilante actions. The irony of all that is that the case is largely built on a digitally manipulated image of Green Arrow unmasking to reveal Oliver Queen's face -- a fake that tells the truth.

But the real "big bad" of the sixth season comes in the way of Ricardo Diaz, an analog for DC Comics hero Richard Dragon. Diaz is a low-level criminal who has stayed off the radar. Nobody has really ever heard of him. But his superpower is his utter ruthlessness, and the patience to get what he wants. If Prometheus (aka Adrian Chase, played by JOSH SEGARRA) was always a step ahead of Green Arrow last season, Diaz is six steps ahead.

But before Oliver takes on Diaz, he has to take on other old nemeses, like Anatoly Knyazev (DAVID NYKL), Cayden James (MICHAEL EMERSON), and Black Siren (KATIE CASSIDY) -- all of whom work for Diaz. And there are threats within Team Arrow itself, as Oliver spies on the team to find out who is testifying against him in the government's case, causing Black Canary (JULIANA HARKAVY), Wild Dog (RICK GONZALEZ) and Mr. Terrific (ECHO KELLUM) to split from the team to form their own vigilante band.

The season was frustrating, because every time the viewes would think that Green Arrow was getting the upper hand on Diaz, he'd be dealt one more blow, with the government case getting stronger and stronger against him. It's a good kind of frustration, though, as it gives the story more tension. What's to come next in Season 7? Well, that would have to be the biggest walk-back of them all, because Oliver ends up confessing to being the Green Arrow in exchange for immunity for all his other team members. He's going to prison -- a Supermax facility -- for life.

On an interesting side note: In the late 1990s, there was a proposal for a Warner Brothers film called SUPERMAX that was going to be about a superhero having to survive in a maximum security penitentiary after having been captured. That superhero was slated to be Green Arrow. The film never happened, but we have to wonder if the ARROW writing staff somehow referenced those notes to drive the plot of the next season.

This Blu-ray release includes all four parts of the crossover episode, CRISIS ON EARTH-X; however, it is worth noting that the digital version only includes the ARROW episode. The discs also include special features delving into the characters of Deathstroke and Cayden James, as well as the 2017 CW SDCC panel.

The Complete Sixth Season
Disc Index
Disc One Disc Two Disc Three Disc Four
01. Fallout
02. Tribute
03. Next of Kin
04. Reversal
05. Deathstroke Returns
06. Promises Kept
07. Thanksgiving
Special Feature: The Split of a Man: Deathstroke
08. Crisis on Earth-X: Part 1 *
09. Crisis on Earth-X: Part 2
10. Crisis on Earth-X: Part 3 *
11. Crisis on Earth-X: Part 4 *
12. Irreconcilable Differences
13. Divided
Special Feature: Inside the Crossover: Crisis on Earth-X
14. We Fall
15. All for Nothing
16. The Devil's Greatest Trick
17. Collision Course
18. Doppelganger
19. The Thanatos Guild
20. Brothers in Arms
Special Feature: Revenge in Ones and Zeros: The Story of Cayden James
21. Fundamentals
22. The Dragon
23. Shifting Allegiances
24. Docket No. 11-19-41-73
25. The Ties That Bind
26. Life Sentence
Special Feature: The Best of DC TV's Comic-Con Panels, San Diego 2017
*Non-ARROW episodes not included on Digital Copy.
4.5 / 5.0