Best Anime Movies Based on Games

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Best Anime Based on Games

The popularity of anime cannot and should not be underestimated. Over the years it has become hugely popular and inclusive in the sense that there’s anime that will suit everyone’s taste. The genre has provided the inspiration for a number of gaming developers, including leading casino and bingo brand mFortune, who actually create their very own games. There are many anime-based games on the market, which have been a hit with players, but what about anime games which have gone on to be successful movies too? Well, we’ve devised a list of some of the best below.


We kick things off with Pokémon, which is one of the most successful animes of all time. The first Pokémon titles were released for the Gameboy way back in 1996 and since then there have been many more games, as well as some extremely well-received movies and a TV show. Pokémon is still going from strength to strength today, with another game imminent and more films in the pipeline.

Steins Gate

Steins Gate in game form is known as a visual novel. The story behind it is a well thought out sci-fi adventure which sees a group of unusual people come together to form friendships which go on to transcend time. 2013 saw the release of Steins Gate: The Movie - Load Region of Deja Vu, and it centers on Rintarou feeling the repercussions of excessive time travel, which leads to him fading away from reality.

Dragon Age

Dragon Age games have been around now for nearly a decade, with the first released back on console and PC in 2009. Since then there have been more games, books, novels, comics, table games and more importantly, an anime film adaptation. Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker was released in 2012 and tells the story of Cassandra, a true heroine. Cassandra, alongside her fellow seekers, take on those leading a conspiracy to overthrow a religious order.


Halo is by far and away one of the most successful video game franchises of all time, but what is interesting to know is that there is a collection of short films known as Halo Legends. The Babysitter, The Duel, The Package, Origins, Homecoming, Prototype and Odd One Out make up the series, with the short films being extremely well received, especially by fans of the Halo game series. Each film tells its own story, with them being originally broadcast on Halo Waypoint before eventually being released on DVD.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is a game which has rightfully gone down as an all time classic, receiving rave reviews at every turn. FF7 gained somewhat of a cult following and it’s no surprise that a film based on the hit game followed. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children tells the story of the heroes who battled and defeated Sephiroth. Cloud Strife is tasked with saving the world once again, as an evil trio plan to resurrect Sephiroth. It’s a movie that all Final Fantasy VII fans will appreciate and it won Best Anime Feature at the American Anime Awards too.