Writer of DC Vertigo's Border Town Implicated in Sexual Assault

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On Monday, December 10, 2018, Cynthia Naugle took to Twitter to announce she had sent a letter to a man she claimed had sexually abused her on multiple occasions.

While Naugle never went so far as to mention the name of her abuser, she was very clear that they worked together at the same comic shop where he was a manager, and that the abuser went on to become a current writer at DC Vertigo. With that information, coupled with the fact that the evens she described occurred in Tucson, Arizona, it did not take much detective work for the Internet to work out that the mysterious “X” of Naugle’s story was Eric M. Esquivel, currently the writer of DC Vertigo’s much-discussed comic series, BORDER TOWN.

Critical Blast called into DC Comics to obtain their response to the allegations. In a return call from DC Entertainment, Critical Blast was told that DC is taking the allegations very seriously and that they actively looking into it. This was all the company could state at this time, which is perfectly reasonable at this stage of the story, but it does seem to indicate that Esquivel is indeed the subject of the accusation.

Naugle’s full account can be read at her blog, here.