Blatant Extortion: Blogger Promises More Favorable Write-ups in Exchange for Payout from Ethan Van Sciver

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A UK blogger may have taken social media relations a step too far today when she offered to write about comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver "more favourably in the future" in exchange for him making "reparations by donating to my bigotry box."

Going by the name "This Girl Roars," the blogger maintains a blog hosted from which she roars in anonymity (her website is registered by Identity Protection Limited in Guildford, Surrey, UK), publishing her dissertation that meanders from one media personality to another, from Paul Joseph Watson to Professor Jordan Peterson. Along the way, she makes mention of "Ethan Van Skyler" (sic) and Jeremy Griggs of Geeks + Gamers for the explosive growth of their YouTube channels, which she attributes to practiced and preached misogyny.

Within two years time, the culture of vengeful young men had spread from Sluthate to bodybuilding forums and social networking sites. Except it was no longer just virgin men who were disgusted at women, through the constant drip feeding of sluthate ideas and terminology, misogyny had become normalised to a generation of young men. Shrewd minds recognised that there was a market in monetising misogyny.

I have watched youtube channels go from obscurity to close to 100 k subscribers within months after making videos that targeted progressivism. Two examples are Ethan Van Skylar [sic] (ComicArtistPro Secrets) and Jeremy Griggs (Geeks + Gamers). Geeks and Gamers started 2017 with around 6000 subscribers but after consistently attacking Kathleen Kennedy, along with the Star Wars characters played by Daisey Ridley and Asian actress Kelly Marie Tran (who was hounded off Instagram by racists) he has risen to 100k subscribers. Both Ethan Van Skylar [sic] and Jeremy Griggs are fluent in terminology that originated from, which they use to great effect when articulating their war cries against “social justice warriors” and feminists.

After several back-and-forth exchanges on Twitter, in one of which she declared that Van Sciver ran numerous sock-puppet accounts to "manipulate" the masses in his favor, she ultimately made the following pair of tweets:

I will not speak to what the laws are like in the United Kingdom, but we have a name for that over here in the United States: extortion. It's difficult to translate the blogger's statement in any other light.

Ethan Van Sciver runs the Youtube channel ComicsArtistPro Secrets and All Caps Comics, the masthead under which he is self-publishing CyberFrog, which set records by raising over $600,000 on Indiegogo from campaign backers.