Top Films That Will Inspire you to Get Fit

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While trying to maintain your health and fitness, it can be challenging to stay energetic and motivated throughout the year. Various circumstances, such as harsh weather conditions or simply not feeling up to it are some of the factors that can tempt you to abandon your goal of being healthier and fitter.

However, to keep the fire burning and maintain that same spirit of progression in your daily training, the entertainment industry has come up with motivating movies to assist you in staying fit. Other than encouraging you, these seriously inspiring movies are also meant to challenge you to reach higher fitness and strength levels. After reading this piece, you'll surely be interested in immediately hitting the gym. For your reference, here are some exercises Sylvester Stallone did as he trained to play Rocky Balboa.

Before we go any further, here are some principles that should guide you in your quest to achieving top-level fitness.

Have a Plan

Without a plan, your workout sessions can end up being ineffective and fruitless. Fitness experts recommend that you need to have a clear outline of the activities you intend to perform in a particular training program or session.

Setting Goals

Before beginning your training sessions, have in mind the clear objectives that you need to accomplish at the end of the workout session. This may include a specific number of sets and repetitions in various exercises.

Some of the movies that will motivate you to get fitter, healthier, stronger and develop a desire to workout daily include:


Karate Kid is a 2010 martial arts movie centered around a 12-year-old boy called Dre Parker who is very interested in learning kung-fu. The main reason why Dre Parker embraces kung-fu classes is to defend himself from being bullied and to gain respect from his classmates. Observing the values of the movie, such as hard work, consistency, and commitment, these are seen to be essential to training.


This 2002 movie stars Jennifer Lopez and is a story of how she begins training so that she can defend herself and her daughter against her abusive husband. The film also shows how regular exercise can help you get stronger physically, emotionally, and mentally.


The Warrior is a 2011 production about how two brothers train hard to compete against each other in a martial arts competition.

Aside from the workout routine, a dose of your favorite supplement from can help you get a body like Tom Hardy’s. The well-toned body, firm, and massive muscles among the two main actors Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton will surely motivate men to lift weights and put extra effort into their daily workouts.


Produced in 1997, G.I. Jane is a movie about a woman who joins the U.S. Navy Seals program to become an elite marine. In the program, she goes through fierce and immense training, which enables her to gain huge muscle mass and acquire strength to the level where she performs one-armed pushups with ease. The fantastic part is that 60 percent of men drop out of the training program.


Hilary Swank needed to train for three months, 2 hours each day for five days, so that she could star in the role of Maggie Fitzgerald. Maggie Fitzgerald is a woman who is taught boxing by the famous ring trainer, Frankie Dunn. This film motivates ladies to exercise so that they can tone their bodies and also develop stronger muscles.