Death and Return of Superman Releases as Single Movie Experience

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Death and Return of Superman Bluray

Previously released in two parts, THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN and REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN have now been edited together into a seamless, single movie experience.

Superman (JERRY O'CONNELL) is struggling. As Clark Kent, his relationship with Lois Lane (REBECCA ROMIJN) is difficult to commit to as he has been keeping a huge secret from her. He becomes particularly nervous about this when his parents come to town and meet Lois for the first time. The advice of his fellow Justice League members is that he should open up to her if he wants her to be a larger part of his life.

That's exactly what he plans to do during a very special lunch date: tell her who he is, and tell her how he feels. He gets that half done when he's called away. A savage killing machine is cutting a swath across the country, making a beeline for Metropolis. It's already taken down several of the JLA, and nearly pummels Wonder Woman to death before Superman intervenes. What follows is the slugfest to end all slugfests, as the blows become more desperate until, at last, the battle ends in mutual destruction: the Man of Steel dies.

But several months after his passing, new heroes arrive on the scene: a younger Superman, cloned from the DNA of the original; an armored Superman who certainly embodies the ideals the Man of Steel; a cold, visor-sporting Eradicator who hails from Krypton; and a cyborg who purports to be the regeneration of Kal-El, rebuilt using Kryptonian science. But Lois isn't buying any of it, especially when the Justice League appears to have been killed in a single move, prompting the Cyborg Superman to reveal "Kryptonian technology" that helps others become their own heroes to replace the League. With the help of Steel and the rebellious Superboy -- and, yes, even Lex Luthor -- Lois manages to uncover the truth about the real Superman, and why his body disappeared after it was buried.

THE DEATH AND RETURN OF SUPERMAN is replete with hard-hitting emotional moments, thanks to some great storytelling and a powerful, talented voice cast. I don't recall the post-credit scene from REIGN, but I certainly look forward to seeing the next chapter in the DCAU if this is the direction the Justice League is headed.

4.5 / 5.0