Everything You Need to Know About "The Irishman"

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Anyone who loves movies would love the idea of The Irishman; a movie that brings together Pacino, De Niro, Scorsese, and Pesci in a story about the Mafia. The Irishman marks the ninth movie Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese have worked together.  It is their first collaboration since the 1995 hit film, “Casino”.  One of the best ways to relive that masterpiece is by playing online casino games. You can visit 888casino to engage in some exhilarating gambling action that mimics some of the gambling seen in the iconic movie. By revisiting this classic flick, you can prepare yourself for the 2019 masterpiece which is already tipped to be a big winner in terms of awards. The Irishman generated a lot of hype from the word “go” and now the time has come to assess what this movie is all about.

What is “The Irishman” About?

The Irishman is a movie adaptation of the novel I Heard You Paint Houses by Charles Brandt. The book tells the story of Frank Sheeran (portrayed by De Niro in the movie) a mob hitman who was thought to be responsible for the death of Jimmy Hoffa (played by Al Pacino).

The narrative of the movie spans a good 30 years, so it takes a look at Sheeran reflecting on the life and career he had as the hitman we know him as. The movie will also feature some great de-aging effects – something that Scorsese is said to be a little anxious about. He’s worried that the way the movie is framed will give people a lot of chances to scrutinize the effects.

Who Was Frank Sheeran?

The real Frank Sheeran was a 6ft 4in veteran who served in the Second World War. He later confessed to being involved with several executions and massacres of German prisoners of war. After the war he found work as a truck driver, moonlighting as a mobster on the side. He had been desensitized from the war and so he took orders to kill for the mob the same way he took orders to kill in the war.

It didn’t take long for Sheeran to get close to major members of the Mafia Russel Buffalino (played by Joe Pesci) and Angelo Bruno (played by Harvey Keitel). It was Buffalino who mentored Sheeran and introduced him to Jimmy Hoffa. Buffalino also remarked “I heard you paint houses” in reference to how Sheeran was said to be so violent that the blood of his victims splattered the walls.

Sheeran worked with Hoffa to protect the union – illegally of course – before Buffalino ordered Sheeran to kill Hoffa. The murder of Hoffa will be what takes up most of the plot of the movie, but Sheeran also has a number of exploits tied to his name. For instance, he was allegedly involved with the assassination of American president John F. Kennedy.

What’s the Budget?

The Irishman has a pretty big budget. Coming in at $200m, it is the most expensive film ever put together by Martin Scorsese. The special effects used to de-age the main cast make up the bulk of the budget. The budget was originally set to be $125m, but this figure spiked during post-production. Netflix pumped in even more money and all told spent around $305m for the distribution rights as well as financing the movie. To give you an idea of how insane that budget is, the recent movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – by Quinten Tarantino – cost $95 million to make (minus distribution rights).

How Long is The Irishman?

Not only is The Irishman the most expensive Scorsese movie ever, but it’s also the longest. IT clocks in at around 3 and a half hours. Given that you’ll be watching it on Netflix try to imagine that you’re binging a whole season of a show, but it’s a movie with Robert De Niro. One of the best things to do after watching the movie on Netflix is to engage in some gambling fun. You can check out the best casinos on bestnewcasinosonline.co.uk. These websites provide a realistic casino experience that is highly enjoyable after enjoying the movie.


Where to Watch It

The movie originally premiered at the New York Film Festival and has a limited cinematic run. If you can’t catch it in the cinema, it’ll be on Netflix from 27th November.