Catching Up: The Flash Episode 607, "The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Part 1"

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Flash 607 Last Temptation of Barry Allen Part 1

With only two days before the predicted Crisis hits (that's two weeks for us in audience land), Ralph (HARTLEY SAWYER) finds himself suddenly confronted by Ramsey Rosso (SENDHIL RAMAMURTHY), a battle that takes them diving out a window to the street below. In the ensuing struggle, Ralph becomes infected with Rosso's sentient blood. It takes some fast action -- and some speed healing in order to save his life, thanks to a blood transfusion from The Flash (GRANT GUSTIN).

But blood can flow two ways in a transfusion, and a tiny particle of Rosso's blood enters Barry's bloodstream. The result is a series of fever dreams where Rosso offers Barry a deal he can't refuse -- a chance to beat the Crisis and survive, to continue on with a life eternal, and be able to be a better hero. But there's an angel on Barry's shoulder during this confrontation -- the Speed Force, appearing once more in the form of his mother, Nora Allen (MICHELLE HARRISON). But the debate devolves into one the Speed Force isn't winning, as Barry grows more and more distraught at the notion that he has to sacrifice himself all the time, especially when the Speed Force makes a fatal admission to Barry: that everything Rosso has promised is true.

Meanwhile, Iris (CANDICE PATTON), Kamilla (VICTORIA PARK), and Allegra (KAYLA COMPTON) investigate the mystery man who freed Allegra's cousin, Esperanza, who shares the same radio-wave power as Allegra. But Allegra doesn't understand why Iris is so focused on this investigation, because she's discovered Iris is married to The Flash--and that he's going to die in less than two days.

Giving in to the inevitable, Iris finally sits down to write her article on The Flash's disappearance (nothing like getting an early start, I suppose -- and why she didn't simply cut-and-paste is a question for the writing team). At peace, she goes to see Barry at STAR Labs, after Cisco (CARLOS VALDES) and Killer Frost (DANIELLE PANABAKER) pulled him out of his fevered coma. And it is then she makes a startling discovery about Barry... that he's not Barry.

There's a Zombie Flash in town. Central City might want to prepare for it's Blackest Night.

And Nash Wells (TOM CAVANAGH) finally excavates his way to The Monitor's front door, a metal plate with an arc of indecipherable glyphs. But we'll have to wait until next week to learn what they mean, if anything.

4.5 / 5.0