What's in Bettie Page's Head? Giant Alien Wasps Want to Know.

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Bettie Page Unbound 9

Bettie Page has seen her share of aliens, both from this dimension and from others.

Now she finds herself up against the Praesepods -- a race of giant wasps looking to take over the Earth (not to be confused with the Vyzpzz, a race of giant wasps looking to take over the Earth in another book). One has taken over the identity of her friend, Agent McKnight, and another has taken on the form of Bettie herself.

The refuge taken at the home of her friend Lyssa's parents is short-lived. She barely has time for her wounds to get tended to before the Praesepods come knocking, finding far more than they bargained for with this family of armed crack-shots. That buys Bettie and Lyssa some time to go consult with their scientist friend, who has an idea about how to get the inside scoop on the Praesepod queen. Theorizing that the psychic connection used to read Bettie's mind may have been a two-way street, he proposes Bettie undergo hypnosis to see if she retained any memories from the queen.

To everyone's surprise, Bettie's mind castle is staffed by all the Bettie's we've seen before: the fairy, the vampire, the barbarian, and the Martian princess. They know the knowledge she has come to find, and are quickly able to retrieve it for her -- just in time for Bettie and her friends to be attacked once more by the Praesopods. But the drones in human form have a new plan for Bettie. There's knowledge in her head their queen wants, and rather than kill her, they plan to capture her and harvest her intellect.

BETTIE PAGE UNBOUND continues to be the definition of comic book fun, and one can only hope that after next issue -- the last of this series -- writer David Avallone has something else on the Dynamite editorial desks waiting for approval. X FILES with a noirish twist, the continuing adventures of BETTIE PAGE are one of our most recommended titles currently at your local comics shop.

4.0 / 5.0