Busted! Comics' Whisper Network of Female Creators Outed by Bleeding Fool Journalist

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Bleeding Fool Busts Whisper Network

Bleeding Fool Writer Outs Secret Facebook Group of Comics Professionals from Inside

On July 8, the pop culture website Bleeding Fool broke the story that a group of comics professionals were colluding in a secret Facebook group (a level higher than 'private' which allows it to evade being found by search results) where they would target and mock male peers within the industry.

The BF article comes from Penny Parker (a pseudonym), after she had been invited into the group, where she took copious -- and damning -- screen grabs of the conversations taking place. The group, Women in Comics, embodies the concept of the "Whisper Network" that had been popping up in mentions online over the past two years. Embedded within the group, Parker was able to access comments from comic industry personalities such as Gail Simone, Heather Antos, Magdalene Visaggio, and others, and rolled them out for public consumption like cargo on one of my TrainStation 2 runs. This first installment focused on Alex de Campi, whose works include ARCHIE VS PREDATOR and GHOST IN THE SHELL: GLOBAL NEURAL NETWORK.

Critical Blast interviewed Bleeding Fool live on our YouTube channel about how this bit of journalism came together and what we might expect to follow.