Twitter Outrage Mob Descends on Sebastian Stan Because His Girlfriend Wore a Kimono

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Sebastian Stan and Alejandra Onieva

It seems a day doesn't go by that the Twitter trending list doesn't include a "...isCancelledParty" hashtag. Today it's THE WINTER SOLDIER star Sebastian Stan's turn in the online outrage grinder, as the #SebastianStanIsOverParty tries to gain traction in social media.

The cybermob is stirred up on two fronts.

The tempest-in-a-teapot began when a Twitter user, @angelas550, shared a photo of Alejandra Onieva -- Stan's rumored paramour -- dressed in a kimono, with the caption beneath reading "Asian Night."

That's literally it. Onieva replied to the caption with "Menuda noche de chinos. [What a Chinese night.]"

It didn't take long before those who constantly look for racism found racism. Because wearing a kimono is "cultural appropriation" (but getting drunk on Cinco de Mayo is a fun time for all). Keyboard warriors with a mission moved in like a stormfront on Sebastian Stan's Twitter feed, for the purpose of letting his PR team know they "set him up with a racist woman."

And then the other shoe dropped. Almost as though he were a rational human being, Sebastian Stan began to block users who were bombarding his timeline with comments about the woman who may-or-may-not be his girlfriend.

When you block the voices of the people who are trying to shut down your freedom of speech, they get pissy. And that's when the hashtag took off in earnest.

Our advice to Sebastian Stan? Go to bed. Wake up tomorrow. It'll be somebody else's turn in the virtual bastille. The sun will still rise, people will still watch FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER, and the world will continue to turn.

Unfortunately, it will still be home to those perpetually seeking to be offended.

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