Ways Comic Books Can Improve Writing Skills

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Comic Books Influence Writing

Having good writing skills benefits a student during his academic life. The skills remain just as significant, if not more, once you enter the job market. Reading comic books is a useful and exciting option for kids, as well as adults, to polish this skill. Here are some benefits of comic books.



Reading Comprehension

Reading and writing are interlinked. You need one to improve the other. In order to improve writing skills, I will highly recommend reading comics. Doing so from an early age will help you lay down the foundation for reading comprehension skills. Comics differ from novels in a way that the reader does not get the whole story word by word in paragraph form. There are dialogues supported by the illustration to help you understand and comprehend the context of the story. The person learns to read between the lines, synthesize information and make judgement calls. Using analytical skills, a person draws an interpretation of the situation. It helps him in life and academics by improving the comprehension skills. Extracting useful information to make connections gets easier with time if you keep reading comics. Use the website of Write My Essay For Me if you are looking forward to learning writing in an essay form.

Economy of Dialogue



A comic is rich in content and packed with dialogues. These dialogues are quite valuable for learners. Not only beginners find it easy to read the exact text, but pictures also make it more gripping. For a person who is new to the English language or anyone with learning disabilities will find deciphering the meaning of the text easy by looking at the expressions of the characters drawn. Drawing real meaning does not remain such a difficult task. Students can learn many literary devices such as metaphors and symbolism, narrative structures, use of alliteration and puns, inference and intertextuality. Other than this, the proper use of nouns, verbs and adjectives can be understood by going through these pages.

They Can Enhance Your Creativity

Comics are not a new concept; they have been popular for quite some time now. It does not matter if you are a DC Comics fan or Marvel, you cannot deny the considerable influence these stories have had on our culture. Even the highest-grossing movie has stemmed from one of the comic books. It fosters creativity among the readers by providing them with a gripping story. The story and its characters take over decades to be developed with contribution from more than one writer to develop each of them. It is impressive to see that the consistency stays intact despite having input from multiple sources. Besides, it creates innovating scenarios and makes the storyline intriguing.  Reading through these smoothly transitioned scenarios, students come across plenty of new ideas. Using relatable content, they can get very crafty while creating stories and writing essays. It reflects in the quality of work a comic reader submits and is genuinely appreciable. You can even use PerfectEssay to help you write quality content. Many comics leave the ending to your interpretation. Also, there are no paragraphs that are explaining the entire background. By using pictures and your creativity, you have to figure it out. Hence, enhancing your creativity is one of the benefits of reading comic books.

A Source of Vocabulary You Can Learn

Writing well is nothing less than a superpower. What does good writing mean? It means writing correctly structured sentences that make sense together when read. Vocabulary and grammar are two significant components you should nail to be able to write well. Improving your vocabulary requires time; however, it is up to you if you want to make this process exciting and useful. Reading comics is a great way to learn new words as well as the context to use them in. Research proves that reading alongside pictures helps in retaining information better. You can recall the meaning of a word by linking it to the specific scenario that was playing with the help of the expressions a character might have portrayed with it. Even though the primary target audience for comic books is children, it is surprising to see how well the dialogues are written. It is hardly the case that any error is found in these types of books. There is a wealth of knowledge in these pages if you are looking at these comics for learning purposes.

Development of Oral Speech

A picture is worth a thousand words. However, what if you are getting pictures with words? Learning cannot get better than this. You have read until now that comic reading improves your reading and writing skills; but do you know comics can also influence the way you speak?  It is not very uncommon to get inspired by a particular character in a comic. Superheroes are often shown very powerful and fabulous with their dialogues. Many dialogues have gained popularity among the fanbase. Getting influenced by these can cause you to adopt some attributes in your speech. You learn different vocabulary that you can incorporate in your conversations. Other useful elements that can develop in your verbal ability is the use of sarcasm or analogies. Many characters are often seen portraying similar qualities.

The Functioning of the Brain Mechanisms



You might have heard, the more a person reads, the smarter he gets. It is very accurate. It has been proved that reading shows an incredible effect on how the brain functions—reading changes the movement of neurons not only temporarily but for a few days after completing a book as well. By changing brain mechanisms, it can help you change the way you think as well. Comic writing skills act as a tool to boost the cognitive ability of your brain. Comic books encourage you to comprehend the text and learn different techniques that the writers have employed. Engagement and practice lead to an increase in practice, and a comic is a great way to offer both. If you think this benefit extends to children only, you are wrong. Not every comic is based upon a superhero, even the most famous plays by Shakespeare have been adapted. There is even a graphic novel on Pride and Prejudice. No matter what age you are and what interests you, there are options available for everyone.

Comic books have already found their way into the educational system. These inspire students to appreciate literature along with enhancing their verbal, writing and analytical skills. Learning with the help of dialogues and illustration is quite a fun way to polish these skills. Grab a comic today, and start learning!