Sasquatch Among Wildmen Takes Bigfoot Research Abroad

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Sasquatch Among Wildmen

I've been fascinated with the paranormal almost since I knew how to read. Early influences on me were the television movie of the week that told the Betty and Barney Hill abduction story, and films like THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK (not to mention the few appearances of Bigfoot on THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN). I clipped articles from the World Weekly News like it was gospel.

I'm pretty sure Bat-Boy isn't still out there waiting to attack, but I remain fascinated with UFOs and cryptids. And while the media has become suffused of late with multiple Bigfoot hunting series, they skew strongly to "reality entertainment" than anything remotely investigatory. If you need to do a CGI recreation of your Bigfoot encounter, I really don't ned to see it.

That's what makes Darcy Weir's SASQUATCH AMONG WILDMEN stand apart from this crowd. It's a true documentary, eschewing any sensationalism or fakery. 

Weir's cameras take the viewer around to the globe, to explore reports of other "wildmen" such as the Yeh Ren, a Chinese counterpart to the North American sasquatch. We get to examine castings taken and compared to similar samples, and how they corroborate each other. We also have new interviews with Bigfoot researchers such as Derek Randles of the Olympic Project, and Dr. Jeff Meldrum, who is well-known for his castings and other samples acquired in the search for the creature.

If you're one who likes to sincere documentary that doesn't simply regurgitate facts and footage remixed from other films, SASQUATCH AMONG WILDMEN is something we'd recommend you check out.

Bonus Content: We sit down with Director Darcy Weir to talk about this project. Click the video below for more.

4.0 / 5.0