Ways to Enjoy the Superhero Trend

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Amazon's The Boys

If there’s one thing in this last decade that nearly everyone’s taken part in, it’s the enjoyment of superhero-related content. It isn’t the first time the superhero trend has made its way into the mainstream in history, but this time it’s certainly had the biggest impact. It seems that these days no matter where we turn we see an iconic hero character proudly showing off their emblem, but for newbies that aren’t too familiar with the genre, knowing where to start can be a bit daunting. If you’re looking to ride along with the superhero trend, here are a few things to get you started.

Casino Games

It might come as a surprise, but casino games have embraced the superhero trend completely. Just like superheroes, online casinos have been gaining more and more traction lately, so it only makes sense to combine the two and get the best of both worlds. Other than getting the chance to spin the legendary Roulette wheel on websites like Casimba, you’ll find a ton of superhero-themed slots that take inspiration from fan-favorite characters. Lately, a few developers have even been combining these themes with classic games, so a game of superhero Roulette isn’t a far reach!

Comic Books

If you’re looking to dive into the birthplace of superheroes, then look no further than comic books. The most popular superheroes have gotten their start on the pages of these illustrated marvels, and even though they can be hard to follow sometimes, they’re arguably the best source of superhero-themed entertainment. If you’re getting serious about reading comics, then you might want to read up on their order and continuity first. These books are practically pocket-universes with thousands of interwoven stories, so if you want to keep up you’ll need to a lot of reading.

Fiction Books

While we’re still fresh on the topic of reading, we’re more than happy to say that superhero novels are now quite a popular fiction genre. There are thousands of superhero novels out there that introduce incredible new characters into the world of powers and crime-fighting. What’s even better, many well-known superheroes are getting novels that explore their story arcs in more depth and even delve into new ones. A great example of this is the Wonder Woman Warbringer novel by Leigh Bargudo, a New York Times bestselling author known for excellent fantasy works.

Movies & TV

It’s easy for us to admit that TV & movies are what ignited the spark in the superhero trend that’s currently going around. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe establishing itself as one of the most successful things to come out of this decade, DC soon followed with its slew of superhero movies that garnered quite a bit of attention. These franchises are a great start to exploring the world of superheroes. Of course, you can also try watching some of the very successful superhero-themed TV shows like Arrow and Daredevil if you’re looking for more when you finish.

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