Purple Prose? Hue Better Believe It! Sonya Devereaux Returns as Violet Vixen

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Violet Vixen - Starring Sonya Devereaux

The 306th Best Actress in America returns to show she's not just a sexy horror star, or a sexy western star, or a sexy sci-fi star -- she can also be a sexy superhero star! The name that's tanked a thousand ships is back on the screen, fresh from her performance in the widely lauded (as in "My laud, is this movie over yet?") production of Spider-Shark vs. Snake-Bear, as that voluptuous vigiltante of virtuous victory, Violet Vixen!

Sonya plays Persephone "Peri" Winkle, a vegan chef / online influencer who gains ultraviolet light powers after being abducted by aliens. And while her powers aren't flashy enough to earn her a ticket to the big leagues (ultraviolet light can't be seen by the human eye), she's done her best to keep crime down in her own small city plagued by regular jailbreaks from the likes of Trash Panda Man and The Questioner.

But when the big city heroes do such a great job that it pushes the supervillains out to smaller towns, Midtown's mayor calls in for help -- and gets it in the form of the super-strong Madame Midnight ("played" here by Katarina Waters) with her powers of darkness.

But something about Madame Midnight doesn't sit right with Violet Vixen. Will she be able to continue evading her boyfriend's proposals and regain her lost social media followers while solving the mystery? Or will this be "lights out" for our lovely lass in lilac? You'll have to go to your local comic shop to find out! (I know, that's weird for a 'movie' isn't it?)

Starring Sonya Devereaux: Violet Vixen features two variant covers by Brian and Brendon Fraim, as well as a cosplay cover by Cara Nicole ( who tells us how she became acquainted with Sonya in our interview with her on YouTube). Scripted by Todd Livingston and Nick Capetanakis, all Starring Sonya Devereaux productions are distributed by American Mythology. Get this added to your pull list today for some seriously fun, seriously cheesy cheesecake.

5.0 / 5.0