Glyn in Monster Land

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Glyn in Monster Land

While Kevin Philpott's Glyn in Monster Land may appear, at first glance, to be a comic for young girls, it has a story that goes deeper than its visual aesthetic. Yes, the whimsical Glyn and company, rendered by the talented pencils of Luisa Russo, seems tailor-made for the toy market, fitting right in with the Strawberry Shortcake and Monster High girls. But as with all comics, the art is only half the equation, requiring a good story to truly make it a success.

Fortunately, Glyn in Monster Land has one.

Glyn is a young witch just beginning to display her abilities. In her world, this means it's time for her to audition before the tyrant king, who looks for any goodness in magical beings to see if they may pose a threat to him later. Sensing the goodness in Glyn, he sends her straightaway to his dungeon with the other misfit monsters, including a socially awkward teenaged vampire, a narcissistic werewolf, a mummy, a skeleton with a flaming head... and a clown.

Bonding her new friends into an alliance of sorts, Glyn arranges a prison break -- and then moves onward to dethrone the tyrant king himself! It's an epic adventure -- the first of many -- the likes of which lay the groundwork for many successful animated series like Battle of the Planets and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

But you won't find Glyn in Monster Land at your local comic book shop -- at least, not yet. The book is currently a crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo, where BackerTracker shows it has a high probability of reaching its fulfillment goal.

If you like your comics to have a fun story and enchanting artwork -- and especially if you're having difficulty finding comic books for young girls -- then this is the comic you should be putting on your shopping list.