How Using CBD Oil Can Give You a Good Night's Sleep

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Sleeping is one of the most important things your body needs to re-charge and re-set the status of your physical and mental well-being. How important is sleep? Well, read this article (check it out) and find out why. Did you notice how they highlighted diseases such as Diabetes, Stroke, and Cardiac Arrest? That’s because not getting enough sleep can cause these sicknesses to take root in your body!

Not only that, but cutting back on some snooze can cloud your judgment for the day, give you chronic headaches, and worst of all, cause mental disturbances that lead to mental illnesses like schizophrenia. Yikes! What is there to do when you’re plagued by insomnia after you lay on your bed? Read on to find out how CBD and its potential to make you sleep soundly can help.

Why Do We Need Sleep So Badly?

Health-wise, sleep is the key to a strong immune system. While the whole world is in a war with a sickness that attacks those with compromised bodies, the least you can do for yourself is get a good night’s rest every day. You might think it’s quite simple, but for other people with disorders, it can be as difficult as any other debilitating illness.

When you keep your body awake for more extended periods, your brain goes on overdrive, your organs work harder to carry out their functions, and most importantly, your heart pumps blood faster to compensate for everything. Just like our appliances around the house, using them for extended periods without giving them a rest can short-circuit and ultimately cause an explosion in your home. Your body is the same if you won’t take good care of it.

On top of that, you need to give your body a break to produce more Human Growth Hormones. These hormones are responsible for cell-repair in the muscles and tissues of the body. What you need to get them is proper daily exercise, meditation, and CBD products. You can go to this site to check said products out. Your CBD product can be in the form of an oil, an edible, pre-roll, or any other variants you’re comfortable with.

The Stages of Sleep

1. Non-REM Stage 1

This stage is the very first step and is sometimes called superficial sleep. It is coined due to how easy it is to wake you as you stay in this stage. Do you remember the times when you fell asleep in class, and you can still vaguely hear the professor’s lectures? That is one solid example of Stage 1.

This stage can last somewhere between 5-10 minutes. For those working graveyard shifts, this brief sleep can be termed as a power nap.

2. Non-REM Stage 2

The second stage lasts about 20 minutes, and you’re slowly losing awareness of your surroundings. Here, the body temperature drops, breathing, and heartbeats slow to a regular pace, and your muscles relax.

3. Non-REM Stage 3

Stage 3 is the border towards REM sleep, where stimuli need to wake the person up. Moderate and Deep sleep may occur in this stage, where the latter is often known as restorative sleep. This means your body is slowly regenerating energy, repairing cells, and giving your brain a well-deserved rest.

4. REM Sleep Stage

Also known as Rapid Eye Movement, this stage is where dreams often occur. Signs of REM sleep can be rapid eye movement, increased vital signs, and increased brain activity. According to a study (link:, we only account for 20% of our rest to REM rest are for the Non-REM stages. Though REM doesn’t have any benefits other than giving you a crazy dream to ponder upon wakening, it’s better than cutting your sleeping time short.

This cycle repeats about five times during the night, but that is if you slept a proper 8-hour sleep. The time when you fall asleep is essential as well. Even if you wake up in the afternoon, sleeping near dawn will leave you more tired than last night. This has something to do with our circadian clocks.

Ways to Get Proper Sleep

1. Do Your Daily Exercise

One way to spend our energy reserve is through exercise. Doing your daily gym lifts can make your body tired at the end of the day, thus promoting rest much easier.

2. Drink A Lot of Water

Dehydration can cause your body to have cramps, which can happen during your rest. This can cut your resting time off, especially when you need it the most. Hydrating your body can also avoid snoring and other undesirable sleeping habits.

3. Change Pillows and Bedsheets

The smell of new sheets and pillowcases can help ease our mind and relax your body. If you’re using lavender or vanilla scents, it is beneficial to promote rest and help with anxious thoughts. Just like drinking tea before bedtime, our brains can also signal sleep using our sense of smell.

How CBD Oil Can Help With Sleeping Difficulties

By nature, Cannabidiol is already a calming agent. It can deliver homeostasis to the body, e.g., regulate vital signs, clear your mind, and relax your muscles. In these little ways, CBD prompts your body to rest, and in no time, you’ll be having proper 8-hour sleep and on time as well!

You also don’t have to worry about getting addicted or dependent on Cannabidiol. This phytocannabinoid doesn’t have the potential to cause these. It also can’t get you high, which is what CBD-users mainly love.