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A Smash Like Game

If you like Super Smash Bros and are tired of not seeing your favorite fighter show up to smash because Nintendo is being too picky or won't stop adding in too many Fire Emblem characters then I think I've found a game for you! Bralwhalla is a smash-Like fighting game that offers online competing, a huge list of fighters from different IP's and unique stages to duke it out in a friendly brawl.

Brawlhalla is a FREE indie game that you can download on steam at and the only in-game purchases you'll have to make is for unique fighters, alternative costumes, gamer badges and other customization stuff but if you wish to test out or play a fighter without unlocking it then the developers were kind enough to let you be able in a offline-solo match.

You can purchase all legend fighters pack for $19.99 which includes a tons of fighters plus any additional legend they decide to add into the game for future release and to be honest you're getting a great deal and a lot of content for your moneys worth.

Add some extra toppings to the fight by adding the turtles into the fight! The Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles are in this game and Brawlhalla really does the turtle justice in this game but you mainly want to use the turtles to kick the shell out of your competition.

Ubisoft has jumped into the ring and if you purchase the Ubisoft DLC then you are welcomed with Rayman and his friend to help assist you in your next fight. It feels so good to see Rayman hopping into the ring especially since it's possible Nintendo won't recognize Ubisoft's IP's and put them into Smash.

The game is very entertaining and is a lot of fun to play with friends or random players and it's not huge download and doesn't require a good gaming PC to play this game at it's full potential but the downside is all the characters are very floaty and attacks are hard to land. Every character feels the same VS in Smash where you can play a fast character but does little damage or playing a slow character who deals a lot of damage and if this feature was added into the game I think people will have a better time mastering a character rather than finding that one character who has a weapon they can just keep spamming to win the fight.

Here is a video of us playing Brawlhalla incase you're interested in seeing the game play and if you feel like checking out more of our work.

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