Hawkeye: What to Expect from the Latest MCU TV Show

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Hawkeye on Disney Plus

The latest Marvel TV show is one that many didn’t expect to see. After years in the MCU as the target of countless jokes, Hawkeye has finally been given his own solo series, just in time for Christmas. Yes, Clint Barton is shooting to be home for the holidays and he’s got a secret weapon in his quiver; new protege Kate Bishop. Hawkeye has often felt like a secondary character when compared to more flamboyant MCU alumni like Iron Man, Thor and the Scarlet Witch, so it came as a surprise for many fans when Disney made the announcement that the faithful SHIELD agent would be given his chance to be the main man.

Of course, this new show is all part of the transition to Phase 4 of the MCU and exists largely for Barton, played by 50-year-old Jeremy Renner, to pass the torch to Hailee Steinfeld’s Bishop. Natasha Romanoff, Clint’s close friend and associate from before they joined the Avengers, performed a similar task in this summer’s Black Widow movie when she introduced us to her adoptive younger sister Yelena, played to charming perfection by Florence Pugh.

Yelena makes an appearance in Hawkeye too, much to the delight of fans, but this is Clint and Kate’s show. Steinfeld has already had an illustrious career at the tender age of twenty-four, having blown away critics and audiences with her award-winning performance in the Coen brothers’ Western movie True Grit when she was just thirteen. Since then, she has starred in a number of movies and TV shows, including as the lead of the critically acclaimed Dickinson. Steinfeld has described joining the MCU as ‘daunting’ but praised co-star Renner for helping her with the transition.

Fans are hoping that the show will provide more information and backstory about the super-marksman, as the fastest man with a bow and arrow has remained somewhat of an enigma during his tenure as an Avenger. We may not be fast with an arrow, but we always appreciate a fast withdrawal casino - you can find a fast withdrawal casino here. So far, Clint has been revealed as a devoted family man, but he also showed his dark side when he went on a grief-fuelled revenge rampage after he lost his wife and children to Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet snap.

Thankfully, as we know, Clint got his family back at the end of Avengers: Endgame and in the new Hawkeye show we find him teaming up with the young Kate Bishop as he tries to get back home in time for Christmas. That’s right, the latest MCU show is an action-comedy Christmas caper more than a little reminiscent of Die Hard. The story of Clint’s lost years as the roaming vigilante Ronin will be fleshed out as well, thanks to a foe from his past coming back for their own revenge.

Yelena Belova also appears as a secondary antagonist, having been sent to eliminate Barton and believing that he is responsible for her sister’s death. Technically true, but Yelena clearly doesn’t know the full story. It seems a fair prediction that she will have a change of heart and join his team when she learns what really went down when he and Nat went to retrieve the Soul Stone from the planet Vormir.

Although there is plenty of action and peril, Hawkeye is set to be the MCU’s most humorous offering since Thor: Ragnarok. Featuring a fictional Broadway musical about Steve Rogers and the rest of the Avengers, this festive show is played largely for laughs. The first two episodes will air on Disney+ on November 24.