PR: Help Us Lay the Foundation for the "MEG"

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Exciting News for Indie Creators!
As half the creative crew behind The BARON EARLS Show, I’m thrilled to share our next big leap: transitioning to TV with the MADNESS Entertainment Group!
Spearheaded by Mike Baron’s bud Pops Van Zant, this move to the ROKU platform marks a groundbreaking shift away from internet restrictions, directly into your living rooms.
But, we need your help! Launching requires legal foundations, contracts for all the teams & all those little details that add up • It’s about more than just funding; it’s about growing a community for indie voices to be heard loud & clear.
Join us! Your support on our GoFundMe helps lay the first stone of a new haven for indie content • Together, we can make the Madness Entertainment Group a reality. Let’s do this for the indie community!