Earth 20

Art by: Chris Sprous & Karl Story w/ Dave McCaig

From Multiversity Guidebook: Home of the Society of Super-Heroes, a team of adventurers and science champions assembled by Doc Fate to include Green Lantern, The Mighty Atom, Immortal Man, Lady Blackhawk and the Blackhawks.

Earth-20 occupies a binary universe, which tunes itself to occupy the same space as Earth-40 once every 100,000 years, with catastrophic consequences.


Commentary: This was actually my least favorite issue of Multiversity.  There were some cool ideas here, but I'm not sure they ever really jelled together like Morrison wanted.  I do think the concept of overlapping with Earth-40 is interesting, but not sure how that could really play out, and why that isn't happening with the other universes too.


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