Hitchhiker's Guide to the DC Multiverse

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When Multiversity Guidebook came out, I immediately thought it would be cool if someone had taken all the information in it and created a online handbook people could use to identify the various universes that made up DC's Multiverse.  Then it occurred to me, we should do it here on Critical Blast!

Thanks to Chris, Patti, and RJ for coming up with the name.  I wanted to give it some kind of name like "Visiting The DC Multiverse for a Dollar a Day" or "DC Travelouge," but we ended up settling with Hitchhiker's Guide to the DC Multiverse. Don't forget to bring your towel!

You will see there are seven universes below listed as Unknown.  I wasn't just being lazy, DC seems to have left these blank for now.  I'm not sure if they were just leaving themselves some leeway if they wanted to add something later or if they were holding back some surprises. My guesses for some of them are:



  • Pre-Crisis DC Universe
  • Pre-Zero Hour DC Universe
  • Flashpoint
  • Pre-New 52 DCU

The entry for Earth-0 does seem to suggest that is the same world that existed before Crisis, Zero Hour, and Flashpoint, but I am hedging my bets and saying that this is probably a lie.  Mostly because many of the Convergence titles definitely seem to suggest that these realities do exist somewhere and will be interacting with many of these worlds during the Convergence event.

For the most part, they seemed to have covered a real good spread of everything from various Elseworlds and special events over the years.  They even included two universes based on the DC Animated Universe.  I will admit, I was kind of disappointed they didn't include one for the Arkham games, Lego Universe, and Injustice, but that might have gotten excessive.  And I would have loved to see them include Astro City, Wildstorm, and Milestone, though Wildstorm and Milestone (for the most part) were integrated right into the core DC universe.

There are a series of worlds I'm not sure what to call or what DC was going for.  If you have better suggestions for Earth 34, 36, 37, 45, or 48, please drop me a line at jackknight@gmail.com.

I hope you guys enjoy the work we put into this.  If this does well, we will probably put on together for Marvel's new Earth during Secret Wars.  Especially if they put out as good a guidebook as DC did here.

One last note before I get on with the list and links to each universe, including their entries from the Multiversity Guidebook and my commentary on each world - I would also have loved to seen a DC Universe where Young Justice had never broken up...but I'm not bitter or anything.

The Vibrational Realms

Orrey of Worlds - 52 'brane universes vibrating in the same space, all at different frequences, within the all-enclosing Bulk, otherwise known as Bleedspace.  Four Bleed Siphones have been drilled in from the Monitor Sphrere to the Orrery, to permit harvest of the miracle Ultramenstruum fluid.  The worlds of the Orrery are as follows: