Earth 38

Art by: Jon Bogdanove w/ McCaig

From Multiversity Guidebook - Here Superman and Batman first appeared in the 1930's, aging normally as their children inherited a world of wonder and tragedy, where heroes and heroines alike carry the heroic baton into an unknown future.


Commentary: Oddly enough, I had just done another readthrough of Superman/Batman: Generations a few weeks ago. It is one of my favorite epics, and John Byrne really put a lot of care into making those terrific books work.  I didn't comment too much about the art they used in Multiversity to represent each world, but this might have been one of my favorites because of one little subtle nod to those who read the series. The character off to the side with his back to the others is Superman's son, Joel.  While Joel was in the womb, Lois was exposed to gold kryptonite which meant he was born with no powers.  Lois and Clerk decided to not tell him about his heritage in an attempt to protect him. This allowed him to fall under the sway of Lex Luthor, and resulted in some great tragedy in the lives of both the Batman and Superman families.



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