Earth 35

Art by: Camuncoli & Friend w/ Eltaeb

From Multiversity Guidebook: Supremo is the greatest earth of Earth-35, an awesome "pseudoverse" or artificial universe constructed by Monitor "ideominers' operating from harvesting stations in Earth-35 "concept space." Supremo is a proud member of the Super-Americans, alongside heroes including Starcop, Mercury-Man, Miss X, Morphin' Man, Majesty - Queen of Venus, Olympian, and The Owl.


Commentary: There are a series of Universes in a row that I am not quite sure what DC was going for.  This is definitely one of them.  It almost seems like random names thrown together.  I honestly have nothing wrong with that, it's just that a good 85% of the worlds make perfect sense, and then you have these strange outliers that I can't see them doing anything with.  I am not even sure what to call some of these world's on the main page, so I am just naming them after the main superhero team. So this one is Super-Americans.

Postscript: RJ suggested that this might be based on Supreme and Extreme Studios.  That actually works, the woman in the middle does look quite a bit like Glory.  So we are tentatively going with that.



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