Earth 4

Art by: Juan Jose Ryp w/ Fairbairn

From Multiversity Guidebook: Earth-4's only superhuman being is Captan Allen Adam, endowed with "quantum senses" following close-quarters interactions with an unstable neo-element known as U-235.  The Pax Americana is a group of specialized, uniformed, peacekeeping operatives including Peacemaker, Blue Beetle, and Nightshade.  The Question of this world is a rogue crimebuster.


Commentary: This Pax Americana issue of Multiversity was Grant Morrison's homage to Watchmen.  I have to admit, I actually liked this version far more than Alan Moore's.  I thought Watchmen was a little too dark and hopeless for me.  Pax Americana told a very similar story but with more likeable characters.



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