Earth 48

Art by: Camuncoli & Friend w/ Eltaeb

From Multiversity Guidebook: The Earth of the Forerunners - a race of superbeings bred to be harvested as the ultimate protectors of the Multiverse itself.  Rapid evolution has resulted in super-trees, super-dogs, mice, and bacteria; super-weapons, super-food, super-TV shows.  Every story is a crossover epic, every event an EVENT,

Sometimes known as Warworld, Earth-48 has been converted by benevolent aliens into a factory, designed to produce a race of Fifth World warriors to fight in the eternal way against Lord Darkseid.

The Royal Family of Warworld includes Lady Quark, Liana, Brother Eyes, Antarctic Monkey, Danger Dog, Lord Quark, Kid Vicious, and billions more.


Commentary: There is a lot going on here, and I'm not sure I understand any of it in this context.  Literally the only thing I latched on to the first two times I read it was "Hey, Lady Quark, she was in Crisis."  I am putting this down as one of the universes that I'm not sure where they came from or even what to call it.



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