Earth 33

Art by: Hitch w/ Sinclair

From Multiversity Guidebook: Known also as Earth-Prime, this mysterious world without superheroes exerts a powerful and unknown influence on the progress and development of the entire Multiverse.

Monitor conjecture suggests that ideas created by ordinary human minds on Earth-Prime become realities on other worlds of the Multiversal Orrery structure.  Earth-Prime's only known superhuman inhabitant is known as Ultra Comics.  That's him there...


Commentary: Kind of weird that a world that is supposed to be the heart of the DC universe ended up numbered seemingly randomly in the middle.  Ultra Comics has had an important role in Multiversity, and this entry explains why.  I also like that the Monitors are mentioned here.   There were some teases throughout the book about them, but this is one of the few places they were spelled out distinctly.

The entry for Earth 15 also told us that this is where Superboy Prime came from before he caused all kinds of trouble in Infinite Crisis and the Sinestro Corps War.





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