Earth 15

Art by: Prado w/ Gave Eltaeb

From Multiversity Guidebook: The so-called Perfect Universe was destroyed during a rampage by the deranged and so-called Superboy-Prime of Earth-33, during which billions of fictional lives were lost and the delicate structure of spacetime itself was irreparably damaged.

A solitary, immensely powerful fragment of this universe - known as the Cosmic Grail - is said to remain, hidden somewhere among he many worlds of the Multiverse.


Commentary:  Lots of interesting story tidbits here.  We find out that Superboy-Prime is from the same reality as the "evil comic book" causing all kinds of trouble through Multiversity.  We find out that there is a universe that was destroyed, and all that remains of that universe is just one Green Lantern battery (I am assuming that is what this picture means) which is lost somewhere else in the Multiverse. Not sure what it all means, but I will admit, they definitely piqued my curiousity with this entry.



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