Earth 16

Art by: Ben Oliver

From Multiversity Guidebook: Earth-Me - home of The Just - a world where peace, prosperity and boredom reign supreme. Here the Super-Sons of Batman and Superman are joined by others of a pampered second generation of superheroes, like Sister Miracle, Arrowette, Megamorpho, and Offspring.  While the older heroes of the Justice League indulge is nostalgic battle reenactments, the young live meaningless self-absorbed lives.


Commentary: Another world that we got to visit during Multiversity.  Grant Morrison seems to have created this as a pretty biting commentary about Millennials.  It may have been a little over-the-top at times, but I do think it was still a good read and definitely had some important messages about the easy celebrity that comes in the modern world.  My sister and I were just talking about this a few days ago, where many of the most popular "celebrities" are people that are only known by their YouTube screennames.


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