Earth 13

Art by: Jae Lee w/ June Chung

From Multiversity Guidebook: On this world of permanent magical twilight, every day has 13 hours and each year has 13 months. Here Etrigan the Demon, rocketed to Earth from the doomed planet Kamelo, fights evil in Merlin's name as Superdemon.  Fellow members of the League of Shadows include Hellblazer, Annataz, Witchboy, Swamp-Man, Fate, Ragman, Deadmn, and Enchantress.


Commentary: Superdemon!!  I love the overuse of the 13 motif here.  Earth-13, 13 hour days, 13 month years.  It was a little bit much, but still unique, and that is always a plus.  My other favorite part of this world is that they spelled Zatanna's name backwards. It actually took me a few minutes to get that, but it's a nice touch.

I kind of wish that Justice League Dark had gone more in this direction.  This looks like it would make a very entertaining comic title, in the vein of Shadowpact,



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