Earth 2

Art by: Nicola Scott & Trevor Scott w/ Pete Pantazis

From Multiversity Guidebook - Following the deaths of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in the War with the Great and Terrible Darkseid, a new generation of superheroes has emerged to continue the fight against immortal evil. This world includes a new Batman and Superman, Red Tornado, Doctor Fate, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Huntress, and Power Girl.


Commentary: Earth 2 tends to be a little up and down in terms of quality, but I do appreciate that they have really created a very different DC Universe here.  It has familiar ties, but it still feels like something very new and unique.  Like for example, Red Tornado is Lois Lane.  And I love the callbacks to old school DC, like Huntress being Batman and Catwoman's daughter.  In a lot of ways, it might have been cooler if this was the core DC Universe now.   


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