Earth 6

Art by: Marcus To w/ Tomeu Morey

From Multiversity Guidebook: The happening home of Aquaman, Sandman, Batman, Green Lantern, and other familiar names, given new and unfamiliar stories!  On this world, Superman is a castway cosmic cop from the planet Krypton.  Wonder Woman wields the senses-shattering celsetial staff of Manco Capc, the Inca Sun God, while the glistening Green Lantern channels the peerless power of the wondrous World Tree Yggdrasil against the villianous Reverend Darrk!


Commentary: I was very surprised to see Stan Lee's Just Imagine included as part of DC's multiverse.  I thought these stories had been long forgotten.  I don't remember too much of this line, other than really enjoying Flash. Some of the stories were good, some were bad.  Nothing really offensive, but also nothing really memorable either.  Basically how this worked was Stan Lee came up with comepletely new concepts just using the names of DC characters.  It was a fun little experiment.


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