Earth 7

Art by: Joe Prado w/ Marcelo Maiolo

From Multiversity Guidebook - On this world, the history of Earth-8 was recreated with subtle differences.  In spite of its innovations and the protection of heroes like Crusader, Golem, "Doc" Futre, Walkure, Devilfist, and Microbot, Earth-7 was targeted and destroyed by the rapacious demons of the Gentry as part of their first incursion into the Multiverse.  The sole survivor of Earth-4 is Thunderer, an incarnate storm god.


Commentary - I am going to assume the "sole survivor of Earth-4" is just a editorial mistake.  I guess this is supposed to be an homage to Heroes Reborn, since Earth-8 seems to basically just be a parody Marvel universe. Only reason I even made that connection originally was when I saw Crusader's shield, I immediately realized he was Captain America.



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