Earth 8

Art by: Bryan Hitch w/ Alex Sinclair

From Multiversity Guidebook - On this world, great power comes with great responsibility, and heroes often pay a high price for their dedication to justice.  Earth-8 is home to the battlin' Bug, Stuntmaster, bestial Behemoth, Hyperius, and Major Max.  Prominent hero teams include The Future Family, the 'New-human' G ('Geno-') Men, and the Retaliators, including Deadeye, Ladybug, Kite, Wunddajin, American Crusader, Red Dragon, and Machinehead.


Commentary: Did we really need two parody Marvel universes?  I also appreciate that DC didn't even try to be case the reader was living under a rock, they wanted to make sure you knew they were trying to be clever here by starting with "great power comes great responsibility."

I do think some of the character designs here are kind of cool, but this was a real weak attempt at what could have been a nice dig at the Marvel universe.




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