Earth 9

Art by: Dan Jurgens & Rapmund w/ Pantazis

From Multiversity Guidebook - Here, Superman is a human being of vast intellect and mental powers, while the Atom takes his place as Earth's foremost superhero.

Here, the light-powered Flash is the first baby born in space.  Here, Green Lantern can resurrect the dead.  Here, Joker is an anarchist prankster on the side of freedom, and Batman is a time-lost armored spirit seeking justice throughout eternity.


Commentary - I knew Tangent was still in play because they are mentioned a few times in the Convergence solicits.  I am actually glad they included them, because I thought these were really cool characters and it's been a long time since DC seemed to give them any thought.

Kind of disappointed that they mentioned The Joker in the comments, but didn't post a picture of her!  She was probably my favorite character from Tangent.


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