The Vibrational Realms

Hovering around the 52 universes that make up the multiverse are the "Vibrational Realms." They include:

  • Source Wall - Here is the Limited even to Thought.  Beyond lies on Monitor-mind, The Source, and the Unknowable
  • Monitor Sphere - Dwelling place of the mighty Monitor race - once countless in number, the 52 Monitors that remained after the Crisis ever were each tasked with the preservation and study of a seperate universe.
  • Limbo - Home of the Lost and Forgotten of the Orrery, Limbo is the furthest edge of the manifest DC universe.  This is where matter and memory break down.
  • Sphere of the Gods - From the heights of the Skyland Pantheons to the prison depths of the Underworld, this is the great realm of Archetypal Powers and Intelligences inhabited by Gods and New Gods, Demons, Angels, and the Endless.
  • Dream - On the borderlands is the magical realm of Morpheus the Dream-King, incorporating the Hallls of the Endless, the Courts of the Faerie, and the Twelve Houses of Gemworld.  Home to Oberon, Titania, Amethyst, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny.
  • Heaven - The Silver City. The Word of the Voice.  Zauriel, and the Guardian Angel Hosts of the Pax Dei - The Bull Host, The Eagle Host, The Lion Host and the Host of Adam.
  • New Genesis - Sunlit lordly New Genesis is the proud home of the New Gods and the young Forever People.  The floating city of Supertown is the dwelling place of Highfather, Orion, Lightray, Avia, Big Barda, Scott Free, and others. 
  • Skyland - Home of the Shining Ones, the Old Gods of Thunder and Lightning, Love and War and Death.  Here is Asgard, Olympus, and the Throne of Zeus. The Pantheons of Celts, Mayanas, the Divine Bureaucracies of China, and the Gods of Oceania, Mesopotamia, and Egypt, the Loa and the Elahim ar eall gathered here, each with a peak of its own.
  • Nightmare - The creepy-crawly Shadow Side of Morpheus's domain.  Here is the Goblin Market where nothing is real. The Land of Nightshades. Home to the Boogeyman and the Corinthian, hant of Witches, Yeth Hounds, and Bad Dreams.
  • Hell - Known to some as Sheol of Jigoku, the buring iron Place of Torment is home to Neron, Belial, Trigon, Azazel, Abnegazar, Rath, Ghast, and the Demon Etrigan - high on a list of a legion of fiends.  Here are the Djinns and the Fallen Angels, and the Haters of Humanity, waiting...
  • Apokolips - The first planetasm rules with the iton first of the ultimate tyrant, Darkseid of the New Gods, and his cruel acolytes - Desaad the Torture God, Granny Goodness, Glorious Godfre, Kalibak, and many, many others.
  • Underworld - Here is Hades, Annwn, the realm of Pluto and the Thron of Erishkagal, th eland of No Return.  Known also as the Phantom Zone, this gloomy prison of shades and formless shadows plays host to the criminals of the planey Krypton - General Zod, Ursa the She-Devil, Xadu the Phantom King and many others.
  • Wonderworld - Orbiting Creation itself at unimaginable velocities, Wonderworld is the "Worldquarters" of the long-lost Theocracy, a team of stupendous primal superheroes.
  • Speed Force Wall -The Speed Force Wall is otherwise know to the denizens of the Orrery as the Speed of Light.  It is only a limit to matter.
  • The Frequencies of KWYZZ - Radio universe, home to KRAKKL the Defender.

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