Earth 41

Art by: Hawthorne w/ Fairbairn

From Multiversity Guidebook: A dark and violent world.  Home of the "necro floral" avengers Spore, gruff Dino-Cop, Nimrod Squad, Nightcracker, The Scorpion, and Sepulchre.


Commentary: I always hate when a big corporate entity uses satire against a smaller company.  To me, that is just picking on an easy target.  This is clearly a way to mock Image for the books they put out 20 years ago.   It's a joke that has been made to death, and I think this was kind of pointless.  Image has grown up and become a respected alternative for creators and fans to DC and Marvel.  If DC wanted to real show some satire chops, they would have created a world that mocked armored Batman and Electric Superman.







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