Earth 22

Art by: Yildiray Cinar w/ Fairbairn

From Multiversity Guidebook: Next door, by contrast, is an older world where the next generation of superhumans ran wild.  Here, Kansas was destroyed a civilization was brought to the brink of apocalypse before the timely return of a retired Superman.


Commentary: I like the idea that Kingdom Come is right next to New Frontier.  Kingdom Come is one of my favorite comic stories.  Convergence has promised to bring some of these characters back. I just hope they do a better job with them than in DC's other attempts to bring these characters and concepts into the mainstream line.  Calling those failed experiments is putting it very nicely.  

Postscript: It was brought to my attention that these was an arc in Justice Society of America called Thy Kingdom Come, which was supposed to have been very good. I was not reading comics at that time.  Now I really want to check that out!  I was referring to The Kingdom and Gog when I was talking about failed experiments to bring back Kingdom Come. 



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