Earth 44

Art by: Duncan Rouleau

From Multiversity Guidebook: The home of world-changing superhero A.I.s designed and build by the brilliant, bipolar Will Tornado.  "There were no superheroes- there was no one to save the world - so I built them," says Doc Tornado of his creations. The Metal League comprises Gold Superman, Iron Batman, Platinum Wonder Woman, Mercury Flash, Nth Metal Hawkman, Tin Elongated Man, and Lead Green Arrow.


Commentary:  This is another world that was really well crafted.  Take the idea of the Metal Men, combine it with more traditional DC superheroes, and you're good to go.

The choices of metals to heroes fits so well. I especially like that they threw in Elongated Man as Tin.  I think this is the first time E-Man has shown up as a featured character in any of these realities.  My only real question is why is Gold Superman look greyish?



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