Earth 29

Art by: Declan Shalvey w/ Jordie Bellaire

From Multiversity Guidebook: The Square Planet Htrae dominates Bizarroverse, a broken continuum with damaged laws of physics.

Bizarro-Superman leads his Unjustice League of Unamerica on pointless, inexplicable and utterly futile adventures.

The Bizarroverse is crowded with neaby planets including Nnar, home of Adam Familiar; the overpopulated Sram, birthplace of the green Sramian Snitch; Raganaht, home planet of the flightless Bizarro Manhawk; Ao of the Dismissers of the Universee; etc, etc.


Commentary: This Bizarroverse is really well thought out and has some real hilarious ideas.  I was real surprised to see Bizarroverse since they have drastically changed Bizarro's universe so much over the years.  I didn't even know there was still supposed to be a Bizarroverse, but it is definitely a welcome addition.



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