Earth 18

Art by: Andrew Robinson

From Multiversity Guidebook - Led by Saganowana, the Superchief, the Justice Riders are Bat-Lash, Madame .44, Strongbow, El Diablo, Cinnamon, the Trigger Twins, Firehair, Tomahawkman, Johnny Thunder, and Pow-Wow Smith. They are sworn to protect a frontier world where the meddling Time Trapper froze technology and culture in the late 19th century.  Here, human ingenuity has used the available resources of the 19th century to create everything humans take for granted in the 21st century, including a telegraph internet and air travel.


Commentary:  So much about this one I love.  Set it in the Wild West.  Come up with some awesome character names and designs.  And throw in Legion villian Time Trapper.  This is another entry that makes me really want a DC comic set in this reality.  I would have definitely preferred All-Star Western if it was done more like this.



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