Death Comes to Roman Dirge's Lenore

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Roman Dirge's Lenore #11, Titan Comics

In this issue... someone dies!

Oh, sure, big deal. Happens in comics all the time. It's even happened in this comic series before. In fact, someone dying is the reason this comic has a protagonist -- Lenore, the "cute little dead girl" who flits through life with her otherworldly friends with all the innocent macabre of a zombie Harveytoon.

Where else can you find living pickle hats? Or see the absurdly logical and lethal extension of the Austin Powers peeing scene for someone who's been asleep for thousands of years instead of just tens? Only in the darkly comic tale of Roman Dirge's Lenore.

Issue ten features the continued fight between Anubis and Taxidermy, Lenore's self-appointed guardian. But Taxidermy's history, and his hidden connection to Lenore's past, come to light, with a potential impact on the girl who has all the focus of a ferret on Pixy Stix. While the two fight it out, Pooty stops time (for most people) to protect them from witnessing the event -- and then he and Ragamuffin casually rearrange frozen humans for his amusement.

Lenore reads something akin to what one might expect of Jeff Smith's Bone, had it been written and drawn by an LSD-fueled Charles Addams. It's hilarious in all the wrong ways -- which are, of course, the best ways. And don't worry if you're not up to date on the story so far. Flashback Squirrel (bless his soul) will be there to catch you up as best he can.

And no, I'm not going to tell you who dies. Go get Lenore #11 from Titan Comics and find out for yourself.

4.5 / 5.0