The Exes, Seasons 1 & 2 DVD Giveaway

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The Exes Season 1 and 2

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We've got a special contest this time around. Not only do we have a great show on DVD as the prize -- but because we have two seasons of the show, we're giving away a copy to two winners! That's right, TWO lucky people will walk away with this one!

Meet Phil (Donald Faison), Haskell (Wayne Knight) and Stuart (David Alan Basche), three divorcees brought together under the same roof by their divorce attorney and landlord, Holly (Kristen Johnston). Together with her plucky assistant Eden (Kelly Stables), these unlikely friends grapple with the perils of single life. And whether they're finding romance or bromance, their exploits are sure to leave you laughing. After all, they lost the battle of the sexes; that's why they're called The Exes.

Enter your information below for your chance to win one of two copies. Be sure to check out our rules and regulations page if you haven't already. does not loan, sell, give away or otherwise use your personal information, and all entries are destroyed upon confirmation of delivery of the prize(s) to the randomly selected winner(s).

This contest will take entries through November 5, 2014.

(And just in case you don't win one of these, The Exes Seasons 1 & 2 hits the shelves on November 4th!)