Cinderella Theatrical Poster Giveaway

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Disney Cinderella 2015 Movie Poster Giveaway Critical Blast Sweepstakes Contest

This contest has ended. The randomly selected winner is: RAY P. of SHARON, PA.

A dream is a wish your heart makes. Well, if your heart is making a wish for this beautiful poster for Disney's live-action CINDERELLA starring Lily James and Helena Bonham Carter, then we just may be able to make that wish come true -- no bibbity, bobbity, or boo required.

You don't need to go get a pumpkin or round up any mice. All you need to do is tap on your keyboard and submit your information below. But you have to hurry! Because just like Cindy's magical entourage, this contest goes poof at the stroke of midnight on March 12, 2015! Be sure to make a stop over at our complete contest rules. Critical Blast will not sell, rent, giveaway, or otherwise make available your personal information, and all entries are destroyed upon confirmation of delivery to the winner via USPS priority mail with tracking. (We email you the tracking number, too, so that's why we need your email address!)

CINDERELLA opens in theaters March 13, 2015.